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Pacific Stone was founded in 1992 ( a family owned business ). We have been
dedicated to customer service and quality for more then 20 years.

We specialize in countertops but are capable of producing any natural or synthetic
stone project you might need.

Our experience:

Stone Counter tops, bathroom walls, floors, vanities, fireplaces, etc.

For over twenty years we have fabricated thousands of countertops for  
Contractors and Homeowners.

We have been a subcontractor for a big box store and have completed several high
density  residential projects of over 300 units.  

A few of our more recent notable projects:

2030 North Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz,Ca                70 units  tile & countertops

Palm Valley,  San Jose, Ca                                  300 unit tile & countertops

1883 Agnew rd. Santa Clara,Ca                          260 Units countertops

Daniel Horowitz Res.                                           Lafayette,Ca.

Rinder  Res.                                                        5505 Blackhawk dr.  Blackhawk,Ca

Micheal Stead  Res.                                             Alamo,Ca